Lougheed- 347 Types of Schnitzel. Who Knew?

Saturday night, supper with the family…a 2 hour drive to Lougheed sounds like the natural choice doesn’t it?

My uncle has been talking about the Lougheed hotel for about 6 months. Right after he found out that they have over 347 kinds of schnitzel.

We decided to make the drive out and see what this Guinness Book of World Records holding restaurant was all about.

Haus Falkenstein Restaurant Lougheed

When you drive into Lougheed you quickly realize that you are not going to need to exact street address to find the hotel…there aren’t any other hotels (though this hotel does not have any rooms to stay in anymore) and I think there may only be one other restaurant in the town.

If you are going to drive out, make a reservation. This way you have a table and there will be enough food. I’m sure in an effort to keep costs down they only prepare slightly more food than they have reservations for. (Smart when you are in a small town…I can only imagine the waste would be high if you did it any other way, or you would not have nearly enough and that would be equally disappointing)

As we sat down we were handed the Haus Falkenstein menu. There are a few different choices hidden near the back, but the reason we came and the reason, I am sure, people come, are on the first 3 pages…schnitzel. The most popular 67 types of schnitzel… they don’t give out the menu with all 347 types, it takes too long to read…

We chose, we ordered and we patiently waited for our food…and thankfully we weren’t disappointed.

Our food came out and the portions were HUGE!

Here is what we tried-

  • Calgary Schnitzel- topped with mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and cheese
  • Asparagus Schnitzel- topped with white asparagus and Hollandaise sauce

Asparagas Schnitzel

  • Prairie Schnitzel- topped with bacon, cheese and garlic butter

Bacon Schnitzel

  • Jager Cream Schnitzel- topped with a bacon mushroom cream sauce

Jager Cream Schnitzel

  • Jager Schnitzel- topped with bacon mushroom sauce, served with Cesar salad and potato croquettes (like little tater tots)

Jager Schnitzel

  • Hungry Man Schnitzel- topped with mushrooms, onions, bacon and cheese

Hungry Man Schnitzel

  • Fischer Schnitzel- topped with onions, bacon and a sunny-side up egg

Fischer Schnitzel

  • Edmonton Schnitzel- topped with onions, bacon, cheese and a sunny-side up egg

The food was delicious!

If you are ever in the area, or want a little adventure, stop in at the Haus Falkenstein. But call first, it would be very sad if you got out there and missed out on a great meal.