French Dip Cupcakes

Our city has been finding ways to show support and process the loss of Constable Daniel Woodall over the last week.

My students were no different.

We talked about and put up blue ribbons, we watched the processional wind its way through the downtown core on our Smartboard and we did our part to pay tribute to someone who gave their life in service of our city.

Mayor Don Iveson invited all school children to create handprints with messages to the Edmonton Police Service and Constable Woodall’s family. They will be put up in city hall for people to read and see.

Here are some of the things my kids had to say to the EPS.

Thank you for keeping our community safe and thank you for making us feel secure and thank you for keeping us safe.


Thank you for making us feel secure.


Thank you for your help. This is the best police team.


Tonight’s dinner was recommended to me by my friend Kerri. We were having coffee one evening, catching up when (naturally) the topic of food and meals came up. She said I just had to try this one. And because I trust her judgement on just about everything, I did!

French Dip Cupcakes

I’ve made a lasagna version of this dish, so I was no stranger to the process.

I started by pre-heating my oven to 375 degrees and greasing up 12 muffin cups.

In a microwave safe bowl I added my cut up roast beef (just one package of lunch meat roast beef) 8 laughing cow squares (I chose the cheddar, but you could choose whatever flavor makes you happy) and 2/3 cup of canned roast beef gravy (who thought I would ever be buying that??). I microwaved this for 2 minutes on high until everything was melty and bubbly.

French Dip Cupcakes

On to the wonton wrappers! I placed one in each of the 12 muffin tins and began to layer the meat on top. You are going to do 2 layers of this so portion about half to fit in all 12.

French Dip Cupcakes

I topped it with a bit of cheese and repeated the process all over again: wonton wrapper, beef mixture and cheese.

I baked these for 20 minutes until they were golden brown.

French Dip Cupcakes

The verdict- Kerri was right…these are so, so good! The taste a bit like a cheese steak/beef dip sandwich. It’s an easy-to-put-together dinner that looks pretty too! I served ours with a salad on the side. I have a whole bunch of wonton wrappers left…any suggestions for different cupcakes I could make?