First Project of the Summer- Kimono from a Scarf

I’m back.

School is over and Summertime Melissa is ready for a summer full of fun (and projects)

The year ended on a high note…relatively speaking. I mean, I only had one child who would regularly hide behind my story corner chair or bolt out the door of my room and hide during the last month.

Not bad right? 1 out of 26.

As much as I look forward to summer break, I know that it can be hard on the little people that I spend the year with. So I don’t take some of the behavior that happens in June personally…it’s not me….it’s how they are dealing with the prospect of change.

I had one little girl who came up to my desk one morning just after the bell last week.

“Mrs. Skinner, can I tell you something?”

“Sure” I said as I was trying to do 100 things at once, confident that this girl probably had already forgotten her question because that is how it usually goes with her.

“I don’t want to go to Grade 4!” she wailed. “I am going to miss you so much….I love you.”

So sweet…

I told her that I’m just down the hall so she can come back and visit me any time.

My job is pretty great.

But I have to admit, summer is better!

I’m wanting to do some sewing this summer…but the problem is I am not all that patient, and sewing takes time. So I have been looking for quick and easy sewing projects on Pinterest, and as usual, Pinterest did not disappoint!

I found this post especially intriguing because scarf already has finished edges, so in theory this should be a simple, minimal time project.

Plus, who does not have a scarf hanging around their house?

I started by laying my scarf out with the short ends together. (Remember when sewing, you want to put the right sides together…so the sides you want to show should be together)

Kimono from a Scarf

I pinned and sewed two thirds of the way up from the bottom on each side.

Next I cut the top layer in half (this will be the front of the kimono)

Kimono from a Scarf

And 4 inches across the top on each side. (This is the space for your neck)

Then to make it a v-neck, I cut from the edge up to the outside corner of the top in a V.


Now the original post says to use a serger or a zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine to finish the edges. But in order to have a really nice finished edge, I decided to take the extra time and do a double fold and sew that down.

Kimono from a Scarf

After I looked at the finished product, I didn’t like quite how box-y the kimono was. So I made 2 more stitches down the side to bring it in a bit.

Kimono from a Scarf


Kimono from a scarf

Not half bad really…I feel like it might be a bit long, but I am not sure how I can shorten it and still keep the fringe at the bottom. Maybe I can’t and this is just as good as a kimono gets when you make it from a scarf…