Summer Cleaning Project- How to Re-season Cast Iron Pans

Like I said before, I have a long list of things that I wouldn’t dream of attempting during the school year. Not that I COULDN’T do them…it’s just that I really, really don’t want to…so I push it off and push it off and suddenly it is summer and I have no more excuses.

Bwahaha! Even this lady will love cleaning with Norwex!! No toxic chemicals and cuts down on cleaning time!

Every time I open my pots and pans drawer, my grimy looking cast iron pans stare back at me. I love them, they are great to use, but they are a real pain to clean and keep seasoned so stuff does not stick to it. I find myself seriously considering whether or not I should use them because I know the clean up is going to be so tedious.

Summer Cleaning Project- How to Re-season Cast Iron Pans

The reason it is so tedious is that I have not properly seasoned my pans since I got them…I’m not sure how often you need to re-season your pans, but I am pretty sure it should be done more than just once every 5-7 years.

So I found a blog post and got to work.

I started by scrubbing and cleaning the pans as best I could with soap and warm water. While I was doing that, I heated my oven to 325 degrees.

Summer Cleaning Project- How to Re-season Cast Iron Pans

After the pans were washed and thoroughly dried I applied a thin layer of oil to the outside and inside of the pans.

Summer Cleaning Project- How to Re-season Cast Iron Pans

I placed the pans in the oven, upside down, and baked them for 1 hour. Place tin foil on the bottom of your oven to catch all the gunk and gooey stuff that drips down…and so that you do not have to clean your oven, in general, more than you usually would. (if you are like me, it is once a year at best…don’t judge)

Summer Cleaning Project- How to Re-season Cast Iron Pans

Then I turned off the oven and let them cool completely (warning- this takes hours and hours, so don’t do this right before supper when you may need to use your oven)

And that is it! Your cast iron is now re-seasoned and ready to use again. Happy cooking!


Summer Project #2- A Pencil Skirt from Andrew’s Old T-Shirt

The summer is only just started, but I am well into my relaxing/cleaning regime. I have a mile long list of deep cleaning jobs I want to get done and when I cross one off my list, I reward myself with some relaxing time in the hammock with a book.


It is a great system and I am so glad I have 2 months to perfect it.

My kimono project was a huge success, so it has spurred me to dive in and try another.

Now when I saw this post, I got really excited…I mean, this could be a game-changer if it works. A skirt from an old t-shirt? Minimal sewing and no need to finish the edges…yes please.

So I started by making Andrew scour his t-shirt drawer and find one he didn’t really want to wear anymore.

Pencil skirt from a t-shirt

I used my favorite stretchy pencil skirt as the pattern and cut around the skirt leaving about an inch on each side for the seam allowance.

Pencil skirt from a t-shirt

Because you are using the bottom of the t-shirt as the bottom of the skirt, you don’t have to hem it.

Next, cut both left over sides of the t-shirt off…these will be the waistband of the skirt. Because it is already folded and sewed, you don’t have to finish the top of the skirt either. I didn’t really worry how straight they were, but if I were to do this again, I would make sure that both waistbands were the same size and shape and that they were a true rectangle shape.

Pencil skirt from a t-shirt

Lay one of the waistbands on one side of the skirt (right sides together) and sew together using a zig zag stitch.

Repeat with the other side of the skirt and the other waistband piece.

Pencil skirt from a t-shirt

Finally, pin the sides of the skirt together (again, rights sides together) and sew  a zig zag stitch down each side of the skirt.

Pencil skirt from a t-shirt


Skirt from a T-shirt

This skirt is AWESOME! It fits like a dream and I think I made it in under 30 minutes. I will be finding some more t-shirts so I can make a few more of these.