Apple Turkey Meatballs

Like I said in my Weekly Meal Plan post, I had trouble finding inspiration for this week. But I feel like I am finding my groove and tonight’s meal looks to be a good one.

Company's Coming low fat cookbook
Company’s Coming Low Fat Cookbook

I got this recipe from a Company’s ComingĀ  cookbook that I found in my pantry buried behind a whole bunch of appliances I don’t use. In fact I picked this cookbook up (along with 5 more) at an “I bought it or got it, but I sure don’t want it” party a few years ago. If you have never attended one of these, you should get some friends together and plan one. They are a great time and a fun way to get rid of all the *ahem* “little gems” you have lying around your house that you feel too guilty to throw out.

Here is how it works:

Step 1- Invite friends to your house and tell them to bring all the stuff they don’t want anymore. It can be anything from clothes, books, nail polish, jewelry to baby stuff and appliances.

Step 2- Make snacks…always make snacks.

Step 3- Once everyone is at your place, and snacks are out and being consumed, lay everything out and start shopping! Take home whatever you want, and push all your stuff onto other people…

Step 4- Laugh, talk and have some fun. At the end of the night box up everything that has not been snapped up and elect one person (draw straws?) to take it to Goodwill.

I can’t tell you how many great things I have gotten this way. Cookbooks (ok, so I don’t look at them THAT often), jewelry, nail polish, travel mugs…its a fun time all around.

Anyways, back to supper.

I served these little meatballs with roasted sweet potato, so I cubed that up, drizzled it with olive oil and gave it a good sprinkling of rosemary salt and put it in a 425 degree oven for 40 minutes.

The meatballs were super easy to put together.

Apple Turkey Meatball Ingredients

I mixed the following ingredients in a bowl

  • ground turkey
  • 1 egg
  • minced garlic
  • a sprinkling of onion powder
  • 3/4 cup crushed crackers
  • 1 diced red apple
  • salt
  • pepper
  • chopped parsley

I then scooped out tablespoon sized “clumps” onto a greased, lined cookie sheet.

Apple Turkey Meatballs

After all the meat was dolled out, I rolled them into meatballs.

Apple Turkey Meatballs

The original recipe says to broil the meatballs until cooked through…but I encountered a small problem: I was already using the oven at a different temperature. So I just threw the meatballs in at 425 degrees and let them bake for 20 minutes, giving them a flip halfway through.

Apple Turkey Meatballs with Roasted Sweet Potato

The verdict- These were super yummy. Next time I will use my food processor to chop up the apple a little finer because some bites had big chunks in it…not that this was bad, but I just think it could be BETTER if it was smaller. All in all, a winner of a recipe. Thank you Company’s Coming, you saved me today with this recipe. I’m glad I found you hiding in my pantry!


Weekly Meal Plan June 2-6

This week’s meal plan was hard.

Not sure why…there was nothing really different about it. I just had zero inspiration and really had to sift through recipes to find something I wanted to make. Maybe it was the constraints I put on myself this week.

  1. Had to use ground turkey…I got extra points if I bought it with my PC card and I am so close to $20 free…
  2. Needed a no fuss meal for Andrew on Monday because I am not home. I wanted it to be vegetarian…but it also had to be filling because he plays floor hockey on Monday nights. Did you know that 90% of the recipes you get when you look up “vegetarian slow cooker meals” are chili?
  3. I wanted a meal that my family could come join us for and that means a large quantity meal (because there are 6 of us when we all get together) and a cheese free meal.

With all of that, I was able to come up with a plan AND still manage to find 2 new(ish) meals to share with you during the week.


Kale stuffed ShellsTurkey Apple Meatballs and Roasted Sweet PotatoPasta Fagioli SoupBurgers and SaladFrozen Pizza


Can’t get too much of a good thing right? I’m just going to work off the success of the Kale Mushroom roll ups and stuff it into shells. It may be less hassle than rolling those lasagna noodles, but by the looks of the size of the shells, (read: small and hard to stuff a spoon into) I might be wrong.



I found a recipe for turkey apple burgers in a Company’s Coming cookbook that I pulled out and dusted off. (I told you I was desperate for recipes this week) But since we are already having burgers this week I thought I would change it into meatballs and serve it with yummy roasted sweet potato that I will toss with olive oil and rosemary salt.


This soup is so good and makes a HUGE crockpot full. Perfect if you are having guests. I plan to make biscuits too which are always a hit with my family.



Seriously, we are going to get propane this week…and in all fairness to us, it rained all last week so it would have been very hard to barbecue burgers anyways. I’m making kale salad to go with it. I found a great dressing recipe that coats the kale nicely and masks some of that bitter flavor. (I just keep reminding myself it is good for me…)