I had the chance to get together with my sweet friend Sarah and her precious son Parker for lunch this weekend. Sarah suggested a place she loves to go, and she doesn’t get to go their often. So, being the brave, adventurous eater I try to be, we made a plan to meet at Noorish just off of Whyte avenue and 109 street.

See Sarah is a vegetarian/vegan. Not super strict, but does try to eat that way when she can. So Noorish is a great place where she can get her local/organic/raw/vegetarian/vegan needs met.

Right away I thought of this…

Before I left, I asked Andrew if he wanted me to bring him home anything, and I think his exact words were “Are you serious?”

Ok, so this is not Andrew’s cup of tea…fair enough.

But I was going take the risk and try something new and exciting…even if it did mean a whole lot of gas when I was finished.

We arrived around 1pm and found the restaurant incredibly busy. In fact, because we didn’t have a reservation, we had to eat at the window counter. But that was ok, we had enough room and it was nice to be able to look out the window as we visited.


We began to look over the menu. Things like cashew cream, walnut taco meat, miso gravy and coconut bacon started to make me feel a little worried. But the food that I saw being served looked incredible beautiful and very healthy and Sarah assured me that her dad enjoyed his meal and that her husband had eaten here twice and didn’t complain (too loudly) about it. So we pushed on.

We ended up ordering 2 things to share which was a great way to try more!

We had the soup of the day, which was a spicy sweet potato soup topped with greens and walnuts for crunch. The soup was creamy, thick and very spicy. I would like to try to find a recipe to replicate this soup because I really enjoyed it.

Soup of the Day and Onion Flatbread

On the side is what they called their onion flatbread. It was mostly cooked onions pressed together to make a cracker-type crisp thing. It was good to dip in my soup, but I fear I had bad onion breath after that…luckily Sarah ate one too so hopefully she didn’t notice.

We also shared the Bodhi Burger. A sprouted chickpea burger topped with┬áspinach pesto, cashew herbed cream, red onion, tomato, avocado and fresh sprouts. The presentation was incredible, and the taste matched. It was a very flavorful, filling burger…and I only had half! On the side we had their black kale Caesar which is topped with coconut bacon. Coconut bacon is an interesting thing. It is smoky and savory like bacon, but has a hint of coconut flavor that comes through. I like both coconut and real bacon, so this was a real winner in my mind.

Bodhi Burger

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my meal. I’m not sure I will be back again any time soon as Andrew is somewhat opposed to trying things like this, but if I were to happen on Noorish again, I would be happy to have another delicious meal there.



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