Memphis BBQ Co.

The south is filled with foods that we don’t normally eat at home. Biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits and chicken fried everything. But the thing we were searching out was good down-home, sticky fingered, sauce covered barbecue. What else would you want to eat when in Memphis?

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While on a tour of the Gibson guitar factory, Dad and Andrew inquired about where we might find some good southern BBQ.
“If you’re looking for the best BBQ in Memphis, you will need to head into Mississippi.” the guy said. (Did you know that Memphis is right in the corner of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas?)
“You need to head out to Southaven. The Memphis BBQ Co. is out there and its the best around.”
Well this was positively providential because our hotel was about 4 minutes from the restaurant. In fact we had seen it on our way to the hotel when we first got to Memphis and were intrigued by it. We decided we should go back and check it out.
Becca, our waitress was a perfect southern hostess (boy people in the south are sweet…I’m not sure if its the accent that makes them so sweet or is that just the cherry on top…no matter, Becca took great care of us)
She started us off with sweet tea, pork rinds and cheese fritters.

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Pork rinds…I’m still not sure what part of the pig they are, and I am not sure I want to know because they are so delicious. And when you top them with the famous Memphis BBQ Co. sauce, they are borderline addictive.

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The cheese fritters were the perfect combination of crunchy outside, and gooey soft inside. My sister would have inhaled all of these if we let her.
Next came our sampler platter…the name is deceiving because there was enough food to feed a small army. But we tucked in and all did our part to make a dent in the most delicious BBQ I have every had.

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Ribs, pulled pork, sausage that was the most tender and moist thing I have ever had, brisket and chicken that had an incredible smoky flavor…and that was just the meat! Mac and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw and fries complimented the BBQ beautifully.

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As we finished, pulled out our wet-naps and packed up our leftovers Becca asked if we were interested in dessert.


Are you kid–wait, what do you have? (We Seutter’s are suckers for dessert and Andrew has adapted nicely to this trait)

My dad was instantly sold when he heard there was bread pudding (with a house made caramel sauce that I could eat on anything)

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And Andrew and mom decided that the Mississippi mud pie probably should be tried too.

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We made our way to the door in a bit of a meat stupor.
As we left we passed their write up in a BBQ magazine and got a look at the “Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives” poster signed by Guy Fieri himself.

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This made me incredibly happy…I got to eat at a “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” restaurant…talk to the owner and have my picture taken with her for my little blog.

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I’m sure she doesn’t need any help from me when it comes to exposure, but I wanted to do my part to let as many of you know as I can

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If you are ever in Memphis, you MUST go to the Memphis BBQ Co.! It is, hands down, the best BBQ this Canadian girl has ever eaten. You will not be disappointed. And you will leave wishing you had eaten less, but really that you COULD have eaten more.

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