Kielbasa, Peppers and Onion Hash

My students are in fine form and we are only a week and a half into the school year. I have one boy who has bonded with me over food (we talk about cinnamon buns, cupcakes and ice cream flavors on a daily basis), I have many students who remind me how important it is to work first and play later (so responsible!) and I already have a bulletin board full of pictures. There was one particular one I wanted to share with you.


Can you tell it’s me?

Uncanny isn’t it? Boy, I hope my hair does not really look like that…

I love my job.

Tonight’s dinner caught my eye as I was scrolling through Pinterest (as do most of the recipes I try out) and it just looked so good!

Kielbasa. Peppers and Onion Hash

I started by cutting up a small bag of baby red potatoes and throwing them into my cast iron skillet with some canola oil. rosemary salt and pepper. I let them cook and get nice and brown and crispy on the outside (in total it took about 15 minutes)

Kielbasa. Peppers and Onion Hash

In another deep dish frying pan I browned a whole ring of ham sausage (I decided on jalapeno ham sausage, but you could use garlic or even turkey sausage if you want) cut into small slices. When it was crispy on the outside I removed it from the pan.

Kielbasa. Peppers and Onion Hash

Next I added in a diced green pepper, orange pepper and half an onion. I let that cook down until it was soft and seasoned it with rosemary salt (just because) and pepper.

Kielbasa. Peppers and Onion Hash

I added the sausage and potatoes to the softened veggies and gave it a good stir.

Kielbasa. Peppers and Onion Hash

I drizzled mine with sriracha mayo (my new favorite condiment) and Andrew doused his with BBQ sauce.

Kielbasa. Peppers and Onion Hash

The Verdict- Delicious! Anything that gets crispy and caramelized always tastes good…this is no exception!


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  1. That looks amazing – I think I will make that for my parents-in-law on Sunday lunch! Should be able to substitute Mennonite sausage?

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