Dan Dan Noodles

Mondays- not usually a favorite, but today was a good one.

No, it was a GREAT one. Great for 2 reasons-

1. Our new Grade 3 teacher started today! You can’t even imagine the difference from 35 to 23 students.

  • I could walk around
  • I had space at the front of my room
  • There was not constant talking because students are practically sitting on top of each other
  • I could speak to every kid in my class

There were some sad faces when students found out that they were moving to the new room, (only sad faces from Angie’s room actually…my kids were disappointed when they were NOT moving to the new room) but luckily our collaborative model ensures that all students belong to all of us. So we assured them that they would still work with us and we would still be a part of their day.

2. I was asked to write a blog post for a student assessment tool that I use and it was released today! If you have not heard of  FreshGrade before, it is a formative assessment tool that allows you to track your students progress in an easy to use, easy to read way. I have been using the program for about a year now and absolutely love it! Check out the post I did for them, and, if you are a teacher, sign up and give it a try!

I have to admit I came home feeling pretty good today. Not so overwhelmed…I guess going from 35 kids to 23 kids will do that to a person!

I also came home thinking about supper (no surprise there) which makes me feel good too. This recipe seems like it is going to be easy AND delicious. Doesn’t that sound like a deadly combination?


I cooked up some chicken and minced it up nice and small and set it aside.


While I was doing that I brought a pot of water up to a boil and cooked my fettuccine noodles according to the package directions.


Once they were cooked, I tossed them with a bit of toasted sesame oil for flavor and to help them not stick together. Remember my warning from a previous post- sesame oil is very potent! A little goes a looonnngggg way.

In a saucepan I cooked  a little garlic in oil. Then I added in the soy sauce, chicken broth, brown sugar and chili garlic paste (because the Sriracha still eludes me at Superstore…every week!)

I slowly added in the cornstarch/broth mixture and heated it until the whole thing thickens up (about 5 minutes)


Then I tossed in the chicken, gave it a good mix up and let it simmer for a few more minutes.


At the last second (because the thought of hot, mushy cucumber makes me feel a bit sick…) I threw in the cucumber and gave it a mix around.

To top each bowl I added crushed peanuts and some green onion.


The verdict- There is something strangely addicting about this recipe, yet very weird at the same time.

The flavor is good…a little on the spicy side, so if you don’t like spice, maybe skip this recipe.

Warm cucumber is…not bad…but a bit strange. Maybe that is the part that makes this dish a tad different. The whole time I was eating it I kept trying to decide what vegetable I could substitute in for cucumber next time…maybe zucchini or broccoli?

I’ll have to try it again and see if a new vegetable takes the weird out and just makes this a strangely addicting meal.


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  1. I would be so sad if I had to leave either your or Angie’s room!!!! Poor kids, but I’m SO HAPPY for you to finish the year with a decent class size!! The noodles sound great, and I’ll bet zucchini or broccoli would substitute just great, too:) Oh – and I’ll check out the assessment site – way to get around in the blog world:)

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